Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


Recently, Audio-Technica gave the venerable over-the-ear beasts an upgrade. Now, the model you want, and the one I will recommend to anyone who asks, is the ATH-M50x.



People are always asking me for headphone buying advice. Not just friends, but co-workers, strangers over Twitter, and people I meet at parties who learn that I write about audio gear. “Which headphones should I get?”

What does that “x” get you? When buying the old model, you had to choose between a coiled cable or a straight cable, and those cables were hard-set into the left earcup. Now, every pair of M50x headphones comes with three cables in the box: the curly cable, the 3-meter straight cable, and a new mobile-friendly 1.2-meter cable. Also, the cables are now detachable. So you can swap modes—use the long cable at your desk, the short one on your commute, and the curly one at your DJ gig at the pizza place.

Aside from the detachable cable, the other updates are minor: The leather padding is a little nicer, and the headphones now come in a few different colors. But the sound profile remains unchanged, and all the features that made the M50 great headphones are still here.